This is a brief overview of OSR‘s history.

In 1997, Daniel Murillo (Dann) started a sim racing series called SCART, Simulation Championship Automobile Racing Teams. For 2 years, it would be an address to those who wanted to virtually enjoy the fascination of Indycar racing. The simulation software used was Papyrus’ ‘Indycar Racing 2’. In 1999, the last season of the ‘first’ SCART was run. Afterwards, there was no activity and Dann would not be engaged in Indycar racing for about a decade until finding his way to another SCART.

Some 11 years later, Andres Gutierrez (Tuso) would make an unrelated SCART come to life. The series was based on ISI’s rFactor and the RLD CART Factor modification. This SCART was formed after arguments within the Simdy Racing League had escalated and could not be settled due to insurmountable differences.

Obviously, the real life CART series had been the inspiration for the foundings of both SCARTs.

This "second" SCART evolved into a community where admins and drivers would work together to improve the series. It completed its first season successfully and its star was emerging. Partnerships with other sim racing organisations helped on the way to where the undertake eventually has gotten.

Season 2 started with several improvements and new members - both factors which granted an enjoyable and fateful chapter of the saga. Among the newcomers was Ori Atana. He had come from successful journeys with other sim racing titles and communites and brought with him the experience gained there. By the end of the season he would become an administrator and together with Tuso take SCART to new levels. Having witnessed fatal mistakes in other series and communities, they would draw the consequences and establish an organization that could not only succeed at the basics but develop the potential of considerable success.

During the third championship, Dann found his way to the thriving series. After a few weeks, he would increasingly get involved with the organization and eventually become an admin. With that constellation, a new SCART emerged, far better than ever before and more successful than any of its members had expected. The new SCART became the successor of 2 different predecessors.

Despite the rich history, the pinnacle of this undertake is yet to be reached. Thanks to the contribution of Justin Lee, who, like Ori and Dann, had joined as a driver but brought admin experience with him and later become an admin, admirable racing conditions could be established. His input brought about a milestone in the development of the series. Indeed the history of SCART can be split into the times before and after Justin Lee’s help with the formula. Key lessons about racing conditions were learned and for the first time in the league’s history, the formula became changeable. SCART also improved through Butch Davis’ shining help with his enourmous recources, decade-spanning experience and impressive skills. The 5th season would in many ways be a fateful one, like seasons 2 and 3 had been. What also makes it significant is that it was the last season the community ran under the SCART name.

With the addition of Will Boston’s Turbo Indy series, SCART became a home to more than one permanent series. The administration would react by transforming the organisation into a nexus, a league for multiple (virtual) racing series. The new name of the community would be, OSR. SCART, like Turbo Indy and the other series that emerged or joined, became one of the series within the new OSR organisation.

OSR was founded on principles that have crystallized from experience and with aspiring goals. Its history so far has been successful and we are curious to find out what the future will bring.


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